(Me & Some kid who wants to work for me) 
HIM: Is this Dr. Billi Gordon
ME: Yes it is. 
HIM: I am big fan of your blogs, and I loved your radio show, I know all about you and I really want to come to work for you. 
ME: Are you calling from the Atascadero State Hospital (Hospital for the criminally insane)
HIM: No, I’m calling from Palo Alto…
ME: I see. So, tell me about yourself… 
HIM: I have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford
ME: And you want to work for me? Are you a fugitive from justice?
HIM: (laughs) No. Why would you say that?
ME: Because if you were, it would be a smart move. Working for me would be The LAST place someone would look for a person with a PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford.
HIM: Are you kidding you rock! And you’re Facebook friends with Andrew Luck How cool is that?
ME: So you like football.
ME: What do you think about Florida State, Ohio State, and Notre Dame.
HIM: Overrated, Totally Overrated and PUKE!
ME: What do you think about Michigan?
HIM: Underrated and my favorite team next to Stanford.
ME: Wow you REALLY do want to work for me.
HIM: Yeah, I really, really do. So let’s make this happen. Who does my dad need to call?
ME: Just one last question: ARE YOU ISANE? OR ARE YOU ON DRUGS HONEY?
HIM: I get asked that a lot. I have never done drugs and I am not insane; my mom had me tested,

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