(Me & Wally The Evil Badger)
HIM: I am exhausted. What the fuck do you want?
ME: You called me. 
HIM: Oh yeah. Don’t waste my time with details. 
ME: What’s wrong?
HIM: My office mate is channeling her inner goat again,,, Women should NOT be doctors!
ME: You hate women. 
HIM: I don’t hate women, I love women, I am just a partialist
ME: Meaning….
HIM: I like the pink canoe I just hate the baggage surrounding it
ME: People are right… you are a sexist pig.
HIM: Not people… some woman said that…
ME: Every woman I know has said that.
HIM: Oh yeah, well people say you are arrogant, elitist, flippant, and pretentious.
ME: Who says that?
HIM: Pretty much everybody.
ME: Screw them, do NOT mistake me for someone who cares what these intellectual peasants think.
HIM: I agree…. See that’s why we’re friends… we’re both assholes and we don’t care, because we have that right because we’re exceptional.
ME: I wonder why so many people just don’t see how great we are.
HIM: Cause they’re not smart enough to see it.
ME: We need help. Serious help.
HIM: We’re doctors we don’t heed help, we just need drugs, alcohol and Internet Porn.

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