Way Back in 2012

(Me & one of the UCLA grads I work with)
ME: Because we’re a team its important that we get to know each other . Tell me about yourself…. besides your degree is NOT neuroscience.
HIM: Well, I like mountain biking
ME: I’m guessing you went to prep school. 
HIM: Exeter. How did you know? 
ME: Not many black guys into mountain biking, Surprised you didn’t go to one of the Ivies. 
HIM: I considered it but I wanted a college with great academics and athletics.
ME: Then why aren’t you at Michigan?
HIM: (laughs) The weather.
ME: Oh so the truth is you wanted a school with mediocre athletics, decent academics and great weather.
HIM: I’m guessing you’re a Michigan alum, which is surprising.
ME: Excuse me? Why?
HIM: Normally you never have to ask someone you just met if they went to Michigan because they will tell you within the first 2 minutes of the conversation (laughs)
ME: (Not amused) I see.
HIM: (trying to change the subject) So I’m dating an older woman.
ME: Really? Tell me about her.
HIM: Well she graduated from UCLA way back in 2012.
ME: (silent)
HIM: what’s wrong?
ME: Nothing. I was just realizing my Britta water filter is older than you.

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