A Wolverine Thing

be calmWelcome to my home on the web.  I am loud, proud, Gay, Black a University of Michigan graduate and a Michigan alumni cheerleader. Although, I have lived in Los Angeles for most of my life, it is the blood of Ann Arbor that flows in my veins.   So here, I honor the legacy of Michigan excellence and the institution of Black and Gay American fortitude.  Here stands the shelter of like mind, heart, and soul. Here, the belief in individuality thrives, because it defines our social destiny and endorses our common goal, no matter what color we are, what gender we our, where came from and what sexual proclivities accompany us.  Here, we honor tolerance, and intelligence two of the essential beams that buttress the foundation of all that the University of Michigan has  stood for in its utmost posture.

To Global Wolverine Nation, and my fellow Michigan Alums, I say: We are Michigan! We are BAM I, II, and III.  We are in the NBA, NFL, NASA, Congress, and behind prison bars. We are CEOs, unemployed and superstars.  We are from posh suburbs, foreign shores, and straight out of the hood.  We are all that is bad about this world; we are all that is good.  We are all that is known about this world.  We are all that is misunderstood.  Hail to the yes! Give Gay and Black America a standing ovation that is long over due, and Oh Hail Yes… Go Blue! Most of all hail yes to you, my fellow gay and black Michigan alums for a willingness to pay a price to make a waking dream come true. Come in,  join in,  be a Michigan Difference, come live the Gay Black American dream, cause you are in da’ house of  da’ Be Black! Go Blue! thing. -Dr. B 2da  G

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