Da God Children & Fonts

(Me & the Evil Badger)

10479232_10152210242603785_3350264125507321853_nHIM: You’re a terrible fromo (straight guys gay  friend)
ME: Maybe but I’m one of the 30 Most Influential Neuroscientists alive
HIM: They were obviously using the terms alive and neuroscientist loosely
ME: Who are the most influential cardiologists? (Drilling for nerves)
HIM: I’ll ask you the next time you’re in severe afib (struck one!)
ME: So I learned so much about fonts yesterday
HIM: Really, what’s to learn its not spin physics
ME: In some ways its more complicated. You know I basically used to use 3 fonts
HIM: See that’s why you’re a terrible fromo, you should use at LEAST 85 fonts regularly.
ME: You know nothing about this. My goddaughter is a design genius and she taught me about fonts yesterday. Do you know Charcoal CYl…No you don’t so just go manscape your skinny legs
HIM: Why do you sound so tired?
ME: Cause I have been selecting photos and updating the news on my Godchildren for my website
HIM: So?
ME: I had to select 3 pictures of my God children, and my Godchildren are like me….
HIM: Ridiculous, and annoying?
ME: No Extremely beautiful, do you know how hard it is to pick just three pictures of each of them. They are very PC, just like me.
HIM: You are not politically correct
ME: And proud of it…. who said I was? I said PC… Photo Candy
HIM: So what are you doing this afternoon
ME: NOT going clothes shopping for clothes with you.
HIM: What kind of fromo are you. You should want to do this. Did you watch those episodes on Netflix of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, like I told you?
ME: You know the only things I watch are Football, Basketball, porn, and things that have me in it…. call Katherine, the mannequins at the mall know her name, you too can have a girls afternoon out… Unlike you, I am not a metosexual twit… I’m butch. I’m watching the NFL
HIM: Butch has nothing to do with. You only watch NFL games cause its the only place you can find a bunch of guys in tight pants, sticking their butts up in the air who are millionaires.

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