Manhandled In South Bend?

(Me & Wally The Evil Badger Cardiologist)

7295_10151624568894388_630372931_nHIM: Did I see that score right Michigan lost 31 – 0 to Notre Dame
ME: Yeah I know. Pretty unbelievable
HIM: Appalachian State must be really bad
ME: (Laugh) Well its just a non-conference game
HIM: But wait, you HATE Notre Dame.
ME: Yeah, I hate Notre Dame because they’re a displaceable, racist, horrible, hypocritical institution but as a football rival they’re irrelevant.
HIM: Well they were pretty relevant yesterday
ME: That was about how bad we played, not how good they are. Not important we dominate the series. We’re better than they are… end of story.
HIM: WOW you are SO Michigan.
ME: What do you mean?
HIM: Your superiority complex is impenetrable.
ME: And that’s a bad thing?
HIM: Yeah but that was like a prison wedding, with you in the bridal position
ME: Again, and that’s a bad thing?
HIM: OH yeah, I forgot who I was talking to. The only reason you like football is because of the way they hike the ball.

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