Doing the Math

kather4(Me & My Supermodel Friend)

HER: You won’t believe who I was with?

ME: Please tell me it wasn’t Bieber

HER: Please, I feel like a cougar when I’m dating a 30-year old

ME:  It’s a good policy…… when you’re in your 20’s date old men. When you’re my age you can date young men…. basic math.

HER: How so?

ME: 20 goes into 40 better than 40 goes into 20….  Plus young guys are usually broke… ‘That’s why you should date them when you’re old.  You can give them money.

HER: Give a man money???? I can NOT believe that is coming out of your mouth.  Don’t you have a zero tolerance policy on giving men money.

ME: I know, but you see, I took so much money from men when I was your age… this is not like giving money to men, this is like giving men their money back.


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