Ann Arbor’s First Streakers

(Me & Little Jeannie back in Ann Arbor in 74)
imagesME: So have you heard about streaking? Nobody’s done it in Ann Arbor yet. We should be the first
HER: Take a hit of this, I just got it. It some good shit.
ME: (take a toke)
(5 minutes later)
ME: So what we were talking about.
GUYS: You guys were going to streak.
HER: Okay let’s do this. (We go outside on Monroe St. Behind South Quad)
ME: This is going to be fun. (We take off clothes…. some guy screams….naked chick… the entire dorm…. starts rushing out onto the street)
HER: Oh no girl! Run!
ME: Run Where?
HER; Anywhere
ME: (Panting and running) Keep running… We gotta find a newsstand, and get a newspaper  We’ll pretend like we’re browsing…
HER: You know how they are. They hate browsing. And The guy will know we are not going to buy something.
ME: This whole thing is your fault.
HER: MY fault? This was your idea.
ME: Yes, but you had the weed and the big tits!

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