Mourning of the Big Weasels

(Me and Wally The Evil Badger  Cardiologist)

HIM: Do you wannaNCAA Football: Notre Dame at Michigan get drunk.

ME: You know I’m in Alcoholics Anonymous

HIM: Just take a break.

ME: Believe me Michigan just lost to Rutgers!  I NEED a drink

HIM: Wisconsin lost Northwestern and Stanford lost to ND, both of my alma maters lost.

ME: Well my other alma mater will win…

HIM: Oh yeah… I forget your UCLA med school roots….

ME: DO NOT remind me.

HIM; (laughing)

ME: What’s so funny?

HIM:  You did your post doc at UCLA… you’re a loser NO Matter WHAT!

ME: I TOLD you I couldn’t move my mother to Palo Alto she was too sick… and UCLA’s the only game in town.  You Stanford alums are SO ARROGANT!

HIM: Oh this coming from a Michigan alum.

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