(Me and Wally the Evil Badger)

ME: What!

HIM: Is that anyway to answer a phone?

ME: I’m pissed off  Some guy called up here and called me ma’am… AGAIN!

HIM: (laughing) and so… you should be used to that by now.

ME: So? So? So I’m in my butch phase.  And I’m using my butch voice…

HIM: And apparently it is not working for you

ME: Listen you, leg-shaving, opera going, metrosexual  twit….

HIM: Hey, nobody’s calling me ma’am on the phone.  Maybe you should rent a John Deere and shave your legs.

ME: I don’t have hair on my legs.

HIM: Well there’s your problem. When your testicles drop  and you grow body hair your voice will deepen/

ME: Oh hahaha I just do NOT get this.  Why do people on the phone always call me ma’am?

HIM: Obviously because you sound old.  I bet Katherine doesn’t get called ma’am.

ME:  You know what… don’t call me… good bye

HIM: Take care ma’am.


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