Why Answering Our Prayers is Not an Option for God.

glowing handsSo I’ve been thinking about this God and prayer thing… I realize there’s a major flaw in the logic of how most people use prayer. If God is omniscient, infallible and has a master plan there would never be a legitimate reason to pray for a specific outcome. It’s not like an infallible, omniscient God, with a master plan is going to miss a memo or an Amber alert. Nor would all of the prayer in the world ever change such a God’s mind, if indeed God is all knowing and has a master plan. So our praying to effect outcomes is cardinal conceit at best and self-deception at worst. Not judging… just saying and connecting dots. 

For example, if a child is struggling for his life, praying that the child lives is not going to influence God one way or the other. If S/He really does know all and have a master plan, which I believe God is and does, what is supposed to be will be. So if the truth were told, when we pray for outcomes, we are really praying to comfort ourselves in situations when we feel powerless… by purchasing a popular consensual reality that God answers our prayers. That is simply not possible if God is omniscient and has a master plan. If we pray for something and it happens, it happened because it was a part of God’s master plan, and our wanting it and praying for it, is just coincidence. However because our brains work much better when the perception of control exceeds the perception of threat, the false notion that “prayer works” will always be a popular one.

Before you other “prayer warriors” blow a gasket… I’m not suggesting that we stop praying… I am suggesting that we stop wasting prayer time by praying for outcomes, which cannot be affected by prayer because God has a master plan, which logically cannot be vulnerable to human prayers. Instead, I posit, we would be better served, by praying to the God with in ourselves for the things we can control, and are some what aware of – like acquiring the temperament and insight to embrace and understand why all outcomes are gifts from God. I believe that even something as unthinkably horrible as a dead infant, must be embraced as a gift from God, when it occurs. God is all knowing and has a master plan, to question it is essentially saying, “I know better than God.” As hard as that is to accept (says the man who has been mourning the loss of a friend all week). The tasks remains, not to pray for a specific fish.. but rather to pray to learn how to prepare a feast from any and all fish. Namaste.

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