My Teachers & Mentors

Ms. Mary White

For how many years did I hate you for making me stay in from recesses all of those times to learn my basic arithmetic? How many times did you... Read More ››

Ms. Gwendolyn Manns

Every year for all those years you taught 3rd grade, you would write a play, and every kid in the class had a part, and not just a part,... Read More ››

Ms. Patricia Flewelling

You were my 4th grade teacher and the prettiest teacher at Patrick Hamilton. I remember lots of great things about you. You taught us Spanish when you didn’t have... Read More ››

Ms. Karen Gunn

I’m sure you have received many condolences for being my 8th Grade science teacher, which, I know, was a rough gig.   You said to me once, “You’re the kind... Read More ››

Mr. John Lewis

You were my high school English Teacher, my wrestling coach, my first Black male teacher, my only black male coach and the first person that ever took me a... Read More ››

Mr. Martin Hammon

You were my high school chemistry teacher and tennis coach. You were arguably the greatest science teacher that ever lived. Whenever I have a science question, I call you... Read More ››

Mr. Harvey Lembeck

During my extended “Junior Year Abroad in Hollywood” so to speak, you taught me improvisation and how to act in 3-camera sit-coms at Paramount Studios. In the way that... Read More ››

Mr. Robert Hayden

You were the first Black Poet Laureate, of U.S. Library of Congress, and the first black man who recognized that first, and foremost, above all else, I am a... Read More ››

Father William McNiff, OSC

You were my English Composition teacher from the Monastery. Everybody said you were the most conservative priest in all of the orders of the Canons Regular, and that I... Read More ››

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