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Very unPC

ME: My computer came back from Apple today. They fixed all the problems… I LOVE Apple. They understand customer service.

HIM: They understand serving THEIR type of customer.

ME: What

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Nerdy Like Me

HIM: You know you’re the only person I can really communicate with.

ME: Really?

HIM: Yeah, you’re my only friend. That’s scary.

ME: Why?

HIM: Cause we’re married and most of the

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HIM: (Opening Mail)

ME: Happy Easter.

HIM: You’re going to hell.

ME: What’s wrong?

HIM: I got a letter from Costco about you!

ME: I HATE Costco, it’s an exercise in lesbianism.


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I Love Lucy

HIM: Hi honey I’m home.

ME: I see that.

HIM: What’s wrong with you?

ME: I was shooting all day.

HIM: Shooting what?

ME: Me planting a garden.

HIM: Oh well that’s nice.

ME: (Shocked)

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