Billi Gordon, PhD

10556282_10152665418019388_6945794339377760133_nCandace Pert, Ph.D., who discovered opiate receptors on the brain, said, “Dr. Billi Gordon is truly one of the most unforgettable people I have ever met—to move, from the artistic world of Hollywood to the highly structured, and serious world of the UCLA neuroscientist as he did took not only courage and commitment, it took a kind of brilliant intelligence that is extraordinarily rare. Arguably, to be able to reliably make people laugh hysterically is more important of a gift than being able to add an innovative paper to the scientific literature–Billi can do both. Billi’s love and understanding of what makes people tick is the skill that allows him to nimbly bridge the two worlds and enrich them both. Yes I love talking to Billi and being with Billi–it’s always hilarious and fascinating–but Billi’s truly unique quality that makes so many diverse folks gravitate into his orbit is his extreme warmth and genuine caring toward others. Billi’s just a gigantic-hearted, nurturing, Midwesterner with whom I would, (and have) trusted the psyche of my youngest son. Bless this fabulous and phenomenally sophisticated man!” Read more…

Mike Pence & Dr. Billi Gordon’s Gay Sex Scandal

Mike Pence pledged Tuesday to “fix” Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law to clarify that it does not allow discrimination against gays and lesbians. “It would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny services to anyone,” Pence said in a press conference in Indianapolis on Tuesday. It would be even more helpful for the troubled governor, if photographs, from 1979, depicting him in an intimate embrace with openly gay former  transgendered model/tv actress, turned writer/neuroscientist, Billi Gordon.    Apparently, Gordon, who is not only gay, but also a Negro and a Democrat,  was a student at […]


Why Answering Our Prayers is Not an Option for God.

So I’ve been thinking about this God and prayer thing… I realize there’s a major flaw in the logic of how most people use prayer. If God is omniscient, infallible and has a master plan there would never be a legitimate reason to pray for a specific outcome. It’s not like an infallible, omniscient God, with a master plan is going to miss a memo or an Amber alert. Nor would all of the prayer in the world ever change such a God’s mind, if indeed God is all knowing and has a master plan. So our praying to effect outcomes is cardinal conceit at best and self-deception at worst. Not […]


The Problems with Being Drop Dead Gorgeous and Super Sexy

I said in an earlier post, The Gorgeous Brain, pretty is a thing, beauty is a force.  Yet, many  women envy the “thin, pretty, girls,” and think, “If only I looked like that, everything would be fine.” Knowing a differential engine drives life, I asked some supermodels, and glamour girls to tell me the downsides of being terminally pretty. They said: Number 1: “My looks intimidate normal good guys. They are afraid to approach me.  They always presume I want the super rich guy, or the super good-looking guy. Yeah I am pretty, but I am just a woman underneath this.  I want a nice guy that I can feel safe with, who […]


When Silent Desperation Is Not Silent

My friend, Wally-the-Evil-Badger cardiologist, accused me of being a drama queen. Simply because I dropped to the ground at the Jules Stein Eye Clinic, clutching the doctor around his knees, sobbing profusely while screaming, “I just want to see my mamma’s smile, and the apple blossoms back home one more time before I go blind.” Embarrassingly, I was not going blind and my eye problems were correctible by wearing less mascara. In my defense, I was much younger, and I drank during the day back then. The Evil Badger also said that I was an attention whore (just because I tweeted that he called me a drama queen, and posted […]

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Gut Gangsters

As I finished a liverwurst, salami, and Muenster cheese sandwich with mayo, I thought, “I am insane.” Why don’t I just inject Spackle into my arteries? I am overweight and have cardiac issues. Not to mention, I have been pressing 60 so long, it’s pleated. My risk factors are higher than Janis Joplin was at Woodstock. The only excusable reason for eating this sandwich was being forced to at gunpoint by a twisted terrorist. So obviously, there are a few sesame seeds missing from my bun. However, long before this epiphany hit, the salami had hit my hips, and my Spanx were screaming, “Please donate me to Goodwill! I can’t […]


Fear is an Ugly God: The Right Wing Extremist Brain

The basic difference between the new brain and the old brain is that the former performs complex cognitive processes, such as thinking and questioning whereas biology designed the subcortical structures of the latter to do not think. In addition, when the old brain engages, it disengages the new brain for good reason. If a Zebra hears a noise in the bush, he or she runs automatically. That is the old brain in action. If the Zebra lingered to think, “Is that tumbleweed, or is that a lion?” and it was the latter—the zebra would be dinner. Thus, the fight-or-flight mechanism, cannot involve thinking, only doing. Thinking would be disruptive to […]


Racism is a Mental Disorder, Not a Character Flaw

I came out of my meeting at the Medical Center feeling so rejected you would have thought I was returning from a blind date with a Nazi. I am no stranger to racism, being a black man with a Ph.D. in neuroscience, working in medicine, where anti-black racism is pervasive. However, I am one of those easygoing, non-threatening, well-educated, likable Negroes, who prides himself on being hyposensitive, and not angry or reactionary. Normally in a situation like this my reaction would be to just throw my head back, and put on my everyday armor: “I am a University of Michigan alum, with a Ph.D. in neuroscience, so do not ever […]