Candace Pert, Ph.D., who discovered opiate receptors on the brain, said, “Dr. Billi Gordon is truly one of the most unforgettable people I have ever met—to move, from the artistic world of Hollywood to the highly structured, and serious world of the UCLA neuroscientist as he did took not only courage and commitment, it took a kind of brilliant intelligence that is extraordinarily rare. Arguably, to be able to reliably make people laugh hysterically is more important of a gift than being able to add an innovative paper to the scientific literature–Billi can do both. Billi’s love and understanding of what makes people tick is the skill that allows him to nimbly bridge the two worlds and enrich them both. Yes I love talking to Billi and being with Billi–it’s always hilarious and fascinating–but Billi’s truly unique quality that makes so many diverse folks gravitate into his orbit is his extreme warmth and genuine caring toward others. Billi’s just a gigantic-hearted, nurturing, Midwesterner with whom I would, (and have) trusted the psyche of my youngest son. Bless this fabulous and phenomenally sophisticated man!”

Dr. Gordon received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, graduating with honors. He has an Interdisciplinary Masters in Psychology and Sociology In 2004, Dr. Gordon received his doctorate in Neuroscience, and did his post-doctoral training in Functional Neuroimaging at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in the Brain Research Institute and Departments of Radiology and Neurobiology under Mark S. Cohen Ph.D.

Prior to his doctoral pursuits, he had a successful and colorful career as a film and television actor, writer, and he authored three best selling books, and is the most successful alternative model in history.

 Dr. Gordon’s  blog, Obesely Speaking, on Psychology Today, has over a quarter of a million readers, and he has an equally popular blog on the Huffington Post.  Most recently Dr. Gordon was honored by being included on the list of the “The World’s 30 Most Influential Neuroscientists Alive Today.