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“Sometimes healing is a matter of medicine; sometimes it is a matter of opportunity.” – Hippocrates

Webster defines opportunity as a chance, especially one that offers some kind of advantage such as a combination of favorable circumstances or situations. In terms of the human drama of healing and disease intervention, one might construe opportunity for a social species as being a collective effort launched from all quarters of our global presence tempered by tolerance and compassion that would extend to each and every one of us.

Be Black Go Blue!

catepillarWelcome, to my house.  I am a loud, proud, Gay. Black University of Michigan Alumnus and alumni cheerleader   Here, I honor the legacy of Michigan excellence and the institution of Black American fortitude.  Here stands the shelter of like mind, heart, and soul. Here, the belief in individuality thrives, because it defines our social destiny and endorses our common goal, no matter what color we are, what gender we our, where came from and what sexual proclivities accompany us.  Here, we honor tolerance, and intelligence two of the essential beams that buttress the foundation of all that the University of Michigan has always stood for.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at MichiganWe are Michigan. We are BAM I, II, and III.  We are in the NBA, NASA, Congress, and behind prison bars. We are CEOs, unemployed and superstars.  We are from posh suburbs and straight out of the hood.  We are all that is bad about Black America; we are all that is good.  We are all that is known about Black America.  We are all that is misunderstood.  Hail yes! Give Black America a standing ovation that is long over due, and oh hail yes, Go Blue! Most of all hail yes to you, for a willingness to pay a price to make a dream come true. Come be a Michigan Difference, come live the Black American dream, cause you are in da' house of da' be Black, go Blue thing. -W.A. Gordon, Ph.D.